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Japan | 2017 | Mixed Media | 

Handmade 35mm Film Projector.

[SELECTED] The 20th Japan Media Arts Festival Jury Selections Art Division.

[EXHIBIT] “TOCHKA PLAYGROUND“, Higashine City Art Museum, Yamagata, Japan(2017) / “Rokko meets Art ", Rokko garden terrace, Kobe, Japan(2016)

Let's Flip Flap!

Tokyo 2020 New Five Sports

Thaumatrope to move with the power of the viewer, with the theme of 5 competitions added at the coming 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

[EXHIBIT] AirTent Exhibition  TOKYO DESIGN WEEK 2016


2001 | Video Installation | stereo 

Build was created for KOBE 2001 project that a commemorative event for the reconstruction efforts after the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake(1995). This work was created in animation workshop with children. 

We depicting the never ending cycle of construction and demolition in the human consumption. It was exhibited at re-constructed disaster area in Kobe.

[EXHIBIT] 居留地映画館(one of Kobe 2001 project) with The Conference on Art and Art Projects(CAP) / "ReBuild", Contemporary Art Museum, Kumamoto, Japan (2011) /  "TOCHKA Exhibition", Kawasaki City Museum, Kanagawa, Japan(2012) / "HIKARIASOBI ", Kurobe city art museum, Toyama, Japan(2015) / “TOCHKA PLAYGROUND“, Higashine City Art Museum, Yamagata, Japan(2017) and more.

Light Painting With Aliens

2015 | Video Installation | Interactive

Participating animation installation that drifts in space and uses a light painting to advance the story.

[EXHIBIT] part of "ART GARDEN", Nishinomiya Gardens, Hyogo, Japan

Toilet subscribe

2013 | Video Installation | Permanent collection of Oita-City

There was no mirror in this public toilet. We thought that it would be nice to have a mirror in order to arrange the grooming.

After the setting sun, people who shine glow behind the mirror will appear.

[EXHIBIT] "Oita toilennale 2015 ", Wakakusa Park, Oita, Japan



2017 | Video Installation | Interactive | Light painting bot

a Lightning strike drawing bot. Visitors can draw lightning strike using pen lights with bot together. the graphic will be projected on a translucent screen. 

[EXHIBIT] "Light/Electricity/God: Thunderbolts and Art", Gunma Museum of Art, Tatebayashi, Japan (2017)

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