Short Animation


a.k.a. Lightning Doodle Project

Japan | 2006 | color | 16:9 | stereo | 3'53 | animation, experimental

We invented a method of light painting animation, which is the combination of long exposure photograph and stop motion animation technique.

You can directly perceive the excitement of the participants who enjoyed the residual images produced by lively lights.

FESTIVALS | prized

Grand prix in the Lab Competition at the International Short Film Festival, Clermont-Ferrand (2007)

Excellence Award in the Animation Division at the 10th Japan Media Arts Festival (2006)

Honorable Mention at Ottawa International Animation Festival (2006)


Japan | 2015 | color | DCP | 16:9 | stereo | 4' 00 | animation, experimental

The birth of the universe, and the origin of all creation - Humans invented tools, discovered fire and painted murals in dark caves.

Murals were created on a mission to pass down stories and history to posterity. From murals, we could tell that the discovery of fire was a highly important turning point for ancient humans. 

Now it's time for us, humans, to reconsider energy.

When I have a look back in history and imagine the life style of ancient humans, I always feel grateful for what we have now in our modern civilization. 

FESTIVALS | prized

2016 "TRACK", Grand prix at the Holland Animation Film Festival

2015 "TRACK", Grand prix at the Animafest Cyprus

1st in the animation competition at the Outline 2017 party.

FESTIVALS | selected

2015 Imagine Science Films, USA

2015 Encounters Short Film and Animation Festival, UK

2015 VIDEOEX International Experimental Film & Video Festival, Switzerland

2015 ANIMASIVO, Mexico City Contemporary Animation Festival, Mexico

2015 International Short Film Festival Oberhausen, Germany

2015 Image Forum Festival, Japan

PiKA PiKA 2007

Japan | 2007 | color | 16:9 | stereo | 5'00 | animation, experimental

The second year of a project to draw graffiti of light that looks like lightning. We leaved Japan and extended the circle of the project to Los Angeles and Ottawa.

FESTIVALS | selected

2007 Recommended Works in the Animation Division at the 11st Japan Media Arts Festival


Japan| 2012| 2'10"| Color| Animation, Experimental, Fine Art

This film was made in the Kyoto Art Center Gallery with audience participation. The tracing paper in a grid pattern was inspired by the landscape of Kyoto. Using simple lines and animated symbols represents how people get lost in the rigid world.

[onAir] 2012 CANAL+ Spain


Japan | 2012 | color | 16:9 | stereo | 5'30 | animation, experimental

Music | U-zhaan, Peace-K

After the Great East Japan earthquake and tsunami of March 11, 2011, I witnessed many changes. Towns were lost in a moment. Children living in Fukushima couldn’t go out and play freely. 

This work was made from the pictures drawn in the landscapes of parts of Japan. Using the reflection of sunlight, we tried to capture people’s emotion for “energy”.

FESTIVALS | selected

2014 New Chitose Airport International Animation Festival, Japan

2014 Flatpack Festival, UK

2013 INVIDEO, Italy

2013 Indie Cork a festival of independent cinema, Ireland

2013 International Animation Festival of Brazil, ANIMA MUNDI, Brazil

2013 Minimalen Short Film Festival, Norway

2012 LIAF: London International Animation Festival, UK

Time Travel Guide feat. Shing02

Japan | 2017 | color | 16:9 | stereo | 3' 10 | Mixed reality

Promote Kyoto as Culture City of East Asia 2017